Friday, February 4, 2011

My Plans for 2011

My Plans for 2011

Four years ago, we began a journey that saw us dream big things for ourselves, our city and our state. We dared to think the political process could be done differently, and the people of Hattiesburg agreed. Serving as your state representative has been an honor. I'll never be able to properly thank all of you-friends, neighbors, church and community- for your support of me and our cause.

I think back to the 2007 campaign and how things have changed since then. As a district, we've seen continued population growth, the announcement of several new economic development projects and a renewed emphasis on our city neighborhoods. For me personally, the last four years brought the purchase of a home, a change in career, and perhaps my biggest overachievement- marrying Kate.

As I've attempted to confront our state's challenges, I'll admit the task has been overwhelming at times. However, my desire remains- to better the quality of life for people; and to provide decent and honest representation for this district.

When I took the oath, I set out to prove politics could be done differently. I've always sought to be known as the guy who worked hard, legislated fairly and pulled people towards common ground. As a Republican, I believe that less government works best- but I also believe our political discourse should remain civil. Sometimes that worked well; other times it did not.

I've also tried to communicate with an honesty and a candor that folks might not be familiar with. Above all, I've pushed an agenda that is fiscally responsible and pro-Hattiesburg, seeking to protect our employers, quality of life and values. And despite a difficult economy, our city has done well. But the job is not done. We continue to face the challenges of keeping homeowners and jobs in our city neighborhoods, bettering our public school system and protecting our health care community. And I intend to keep meeting these challenges head on.

Today, I'm announcing that I intend to seek reelection for state representative for District 102.

I believe our city's best days are ahead. But to be the premier city of Mississippi, we must protect and nurture the resources that make us Hattiesburg- our universities, our health care community, our industries and our strength and independence as a community.

I do not know what challenges the 2011 election will hold. But we intend to win the way we won the first time- by staying positive, working harder and casting a clear vision of what this district can and should be. While we won't hold an event until later or officially start campaigning until after the 2011 session is complete, I want to make my intentions clearly known.

To win, we'll need your help. We'll need your vote, your voice and, not to be cliche, but your prayers. Every bit of your support goes a long way. We can and we will continue to take hold of tomorrow's promise.

And I invite you to join us again in making it happen.

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