Friday, February 27, 2009

Stimulus Update

As I posted on this week's newsletter, here's a broad breakdown of how Mississippi's portion of the stimulus package will be distributed.

$87 million to support critical government services, aside from those funds dedicated to other needs (education, infrastructure, etc.)

Mississippi will receive education dollars at the state and local levels.

Title I Grants - $132M
Education Technology State Grants - $8.5M
IDEA Part B Grants to States - $117M
IDEA Part B Preschool Grants - $4.5M
IDEA Part C Grants for Infants and Families - $4.3M
Federal Pell Grants - $392M
Vocational Rehabilitation State Grants - $7.2M
Independent Living State Grants - $242K
Services for Blind Elderly - $331K
Federal Work Study - $2.3M
State Fiscal Stabilization Fund for Education - $392M - this portion may be used to stabilize MAEP for this fiscal year, as well as the 2010 and 2011 fiscal year.

Mississippi will receive a 6.2% increase in its reimbursement rate, which will save Mississippi's Medicaid program up to $474M.
Mississippi will also receive an estimated savings of up to $108M for other health-related agencies, such as UMC, the State Health Department, the Department of Mental Health and Rehab Services.

Workforce, Unemployment and Job Training
Recipients will receive an additional $25 per week in unemployment benefits.
Recipients will receive benefits for an additional 33 weeks.
Recipients will receive a tax savings on their unemployment compensation for up the $2,400.
The state will receive an additional $3.2 million to bolster employment service training.
The state will receive a share of $575 million for trade adjustment assistance dollars to benefit struggling domestic industries.
The state will receive more money for job training, Job Corps and youth programs.

Highways and Bridges
Mississippi will receive a total of $350M.

$240M of this can be used by MDOT for highways and bridges.
$10.5M will be used for transportation enhancement projects, such as welcome centers, interstate rest stops, etc.
$100M will be designated for local projects in cities and counties.
$34M will be used for transit projects.

$35.5M will go to the Mississippi Development Authority's Energy Division. It's uncertain on where the money will be used, but it will probably provide for some sort of financial incentives to adopt alternative energy.
$51.7M will go to MDA for "weatherization." We're still learning about what this will be used for.

Water, Sewer and Environmental
$35M for sewer systems through the state's revolving loan fund.
$17M for water systems through the state's revolving loan fund.
$200M for repairing leaking underground storage tanks.
$1.7M for diesel emissions reductions. This will be used to put catalytic converters on school buses.

Law Enforcement
Mississippi will receive $18.5M for additional resources to prevent and fight crime.

Housing and Economic Development
HOME Investment Partnership - $18M to fill financing gaps in low-income housing tax credit projects.
Homelessness Prevention Fund - $13M for three years for short-term rental assistance.
Community Development Block Grants - $8.3M more for state and local governments.

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