Friday, January 30, 2009

Mississippi Human Embryo Adoption Act Clears Committee

HB 561, also known as the Mississippi Human Embryo Adoption Act, cleared the Public Health Committee unanimously this morning. The bill is sponsored by one of classmates, Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton). I had the privilege of handling it in committee and look forward to handling it on the House floor sometime next week.

The Mississippi Human Embryo Adoption Act provides much-needed legal clarity when it comes to the rights of human embryos, genetic parents and adopted parents.

In a basic explanation, when a couple of undergoes the In vitro fertilization process, several embryos may be left over. The parents have the opportunity to "freeze" these embryos in order to store them, in case they choose to try and have children again in the future.

HB 561 would provide legal protection for those parents who want to give these embryos up for adoption by other couples who cannot have their own children. It brings donated embryos under the adoption laws and protection as children who have already been born. It also specifies the exact moment when the parental rights of genetic parents are relinquished and the rights of adopted parents begin.

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