Thursday, January 10, 2008

Progress Abounds

Maybe the title was a little misleading. For now, any sign of progress is a cause for excitement. We've put in for committees, and now the waiting starts. While the Senate can usually appoint committees within a week, the House usually takes a couple of weeks. This is because the Senate knows who its leader will be in November, while we find out the first day of session in January.

Today we drew for parking spaces. By using the same process, the class of 2008 was again at the rear of the selection. However, this time, I drew the prized #1. By that time, however, all the parking spaces were on the street. So, luck is a relative term.

We're starting to get the ball rolling on adding another circuit judgeship to the Forrest/Perry County circuit district. We should be receiving some caseload information tomorrow to start building our case. If we can win this, it will help clear a great deal of backlog in cases in the Hattiesburg area.

In one final note, all of the new statewide officials (minus Haley Barbour, who will be inaugurated next week) took the oath in the House chambers today.

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