Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funniest Moment Thus Far

As I was gathering something from my desk to take to the Legislative Services Office, I heard something unusual resonating on the House Chamber floor. At first I dismissed it, because surely this would not be sounding from the Mississippi House of Representatives' floor. But alas, it was so. Coming from a desk one aisle over from a senior representative's laptop was the song "Soulja' Boy." While this representative will remain nameless, after he noticed my double-take, he asked passively:

"Toby, you know that Soulja' Boy?"
"Me too."

It was random- but the word had already spread to the pages, and by the time we convened at 2, there were several other representatives around learning the song as well. It was something to behold. What generational gap?

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John Leek said...


I'm going to have to keep up with your blog a little better.