Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cigarette Tax Increase Passed

This afternoon, the House approved the conference report on HB 364, a final vote on increasing the cigarette tax. The final cigarette tax increase was 50 cents to a total of 68 cents.

The vote was 102-18. The entire Hattiesburg delegation voted for the conference report.


Allen said...

This is more of the wrong counter productive legislation. If the doctor tells a patient to stop hitting themselves with the stick and they don't why pay for more of that same behavior? The people vote for cigarettes over healthcare with their money and that choice should be clear to them. What could be more clear. The government's proper role is to preserve our freedom and not to meddle in our business.
Well intentioned on your part but the wrong call in my opinion. Thanks for your service. Also, I live on very little but am nowhere close to qualifying for any state funded healthcare. Who is my smoker's tax paying for anyway? How is any of this in the interest of the people? Can't figure that out.

Anonymous said...

They did best because everyone should ban the cigarette...
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